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NaruHina pg.3 by XxXNaruto-CouplesXxX NaruHina pg.3 :iconxxxnaruto-couplesxxx:XxXNaruto-CouplesXxX 4 2 NaruHina pg.2 by XxXNaruto-CouplesXxX NaruHina pg.2 :iconxxxnaruto-couplesxxx:XxXNaruto-CouplesXxX 0 1 NaruHina pg.1 by XxXNaruto-CouplesXxX NaruHina pg.1 :iconxxxnaruto-couplesxxx:XxXNaruto-CouplesXxX 1 5 NaruHina Cover by XxXNaruto-CouplesXxX NaruHina Cover :iconxxxnaruto-couplesxxx:XxXNaruto-CouplesXxX 1 0 SasuNaru pg. 20 by XxXNaruto-CouplesXxX SasuNaru pg. 20 :iconxxxnaruto-couplesxxx:XxXNaruto-CouplesXxX 3 3 SasuNaru pg. 19 by XxXNaruto-CouplesXxX SasuNaru pg. 19 :iconxxxnaruto-couplesxxx:XxXNaruto-CouplesXxX 2 3 SasuNaru pg. 18 by XxXNaruto-CouplesXxX SasuNaru pg. 18 :iconxxxnaruto-couplesxxx:XxXNaruto-CouplesXxX 2 0 SasuNaru pg. 17 by XxXNaruto-CouplesXxX SasuNaru pg. 17 :iconxxxnaruto-couplesxxx:XxXNaruto-CouplesXxX 0 0 SasuNaru pg. 16 by XxXNaruto-CouplesXxX SasuNaru pg. 16 :iconxxxnaruto-couplesxxx:XxXNaruto-CouplesXxX 2 0 SasuNaru pg. 15 by XxXNaruto-CouplesXxX SasuNaru pg. 15 :iconxxxnaruto-couplesxxx:XxXNaruto-CouplesXxX 1 0 SasuNaru pg. 14 by XxXNaruto-CouplesXxX SasuNaru pg. 14 :iconxxxnaruto-couplesxxx:XxXNaruto-CouplesXxX 1 0 SasuNaru pg. 13 by XxXNaruto-CouplesXxX SasuNaru pg. 13 :iconxxxnaruto-couplesxxx:XxXNaruto-CouplesXxX 1 0 SasuNaru pg. 12 by XxXNaruto-CouplesXxX SasuNaru pg. 12 :iconxxxnaruto-couplesxxx:XxXNaruto-CouplesXxX 3 1 SasuNaru pg. 11 by XxXNaruto-CouplesXxX SasuNaru pg. 11 :iconxxxnaruto-couplesxxx:XxXNaruto-CouplesXxX 0 3 SasuNaru pg. 10 by XxXNaruto-CouplesXxX SasuNaru pg. 10 :iconxxxnaruto-couplesxxx:XxXNaruto-CouplesXxX 1 0 Sasunaru pg. 9 by XxXNaruto-CouplesXxX Sasunaru pg. 9 :iconxxxnaruto-couplesxxx:XxXNaruto-CouplesXxX 0 0


Until the war is over by lucrecia Until the war is over :iconlucrecia:lucrecia 2,048 265 Suna no Arashi -OC- Sketch by lucrecia Suna no Arashi -OC- Sketch :iconlucrecia:lucrecia 393 165



Tarka Nishino
Current Residence: In Konoha
Long time ago, I drew a Naruto Dojinshi, but I quit... so... it doesn't exist anymore.
But now I saw that even in 2010 there are still people, which fave my work, I feel bad about it :/
My style has changed very much now... and I don't now if anyone is interesstet anymore.
(for my momentary styl look over at my other account Orga-Kuttie-Tarka)

So, please tell me if you're interesstet!
  • Playing: Persona 3
  • Drinking: Apple Tea


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LiLSasuke-chan Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2008
coole dojinshi!!! ich mag deine zeichnungen...!!!
AHeroCome Featured By Owner May 7, 2008
Pice! XD
Ich bin die Hell-Kaiser auf Animexx! ^^
wartribe Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2008
=P nice gallery:)
long time no see:(
Keep working plz...ok? :)
XxXNaruto-CouplesXxX Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2008
I willkeep working^^
wartribe Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2008
edineijr Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2008
You're welcome.
Thanks for your visit.
nex415 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
your making SasuNaru Doujins that I dont know about?!!!! :GASPS: WHAT!!!!!!!????? :::runs to ure account and clocks on watch mode::: there thats better. ^_^
XxXNaruto-CouplesXxX Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2008
Im making many pairings in this account.
Thsi is a dojin where you can vote for a pairing.
If I finished 3 storys. The first 3 votes came to this thing: Shonen ai: SasuNaru
Hetero: NAruHina
Shojo Ai: InoSaku

I´m making at the moment the NaruHina dojin^^
nex415 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
oh lol, although I LOVE SasuNaru I guess my second vote could go to NaruHina, just plz dont do a SasuSaku...They give me the heevey Jeevies...(shivers) ew...
XxXNaruto-CouplesXxX Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2008
I hate that pairing too...
If I had to do it... I would NEVER upload it here
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